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iOS6 has Advertising tracking “On” by default…

The upgrade to iOS 6 for iPads and iPhones has a setting which allows “advertisers” to track your postion and this setting is, by default, enabled.  To find this “feature” go to Settings > General > About > Advertising.  You need to turn the switch “On” to turn this off?

More information is available here;



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You Tube tips

Thanks to my colleague Tass for this great little You Tube clip on how to use many of the features on the iPad; it took me ages to discover all of these by myself!

My favourite of all these is holding down the exclamation mark to get an apostrophe – I used to have to go into the second keyboard screen to find this before I discovered this little hint and it was awfully cumbersome, cheers and thanks to Tass, Pauline

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