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Some nice tools to use

Many of these tools are available on iPad and they are all good for interactive learning

25 Awesome apps



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An App for bibliographies

Now I don’t know about you but I really, really dislike doing Bibliographies! Maybe it’s because it’s always the last thing between you and finishing whatever it is you are working or because it’s so fussy!…full stops here, spaces there, commas here!

Well for those of you that hate doing them here’s a great app, EasyBib. This little gem allows you to scan in the bar code on any book and bingo you have the citation, you can even choose one of three styles. You do need to be a little cautious though as in one of my scans it gave me the right author with the wrong book title but that was only one case among many, I think I can cope with that 🙂

I also found that EasyBib has a normal website as well and this has additional features, like citing websites and journals etc.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing Bibliographies far more now!

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This YouTube link will take you to a number of good instructional videos on using some of the apps available through the App Store. They’re short and easy to follow, I found a couple I’m going to love using 🙂

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App of the week

We’re all a little excited about the app “Show Me (Interactive Whiteboard)”. This app contains a whiteboard so you may demonstrate concepts to your learners and record a voice over at the same time. Photos and screen shots can be embedded as well and the opportunities are endless.

Speaking with an accounting teacher, he is really excited that he’ll be able to use this in a classroom as he is explaining concepts, students will follow what he is doing on the interactive screens around the learning spaces, and then he will upload the recordings to Blackboard. Obviously an app that can do all this will have many uses in education. The biggest plus is it’s free, fool proof, and very easy to use!

Cheers Pauline


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